You've Got A Golden Ticket!

Steven Kneiser
3-minute read

Now’s your chance!
There’s a glitch in the mætrix
There’s a closing window of opportunity

You don’t need to own large plots of land
You don’t need to own massive machinery
You don’t even need others’ time & labor

Really meditate on that
How utterly insane is that?
What would your ancestors say?
What will your descendants say?

The Information Age

Software is eating the world,
but it wasn’t always this way

Only in the last century did most get the opportunity to simply clock-in & clock-out of a factory job (thanks to The Industrial Age). Sure it was extremely taxing on the body & sanity, but we gained safety & security in the consistency of work. We could just show up for the same hours every day: minimal disruption. No more worrying about our family’s farm getting wiped out from the unpredictable weather. No more waiting for the seasons to pass.

🌈 All is right in the world

Yeah, The Internet tore that all apart

Wait… What? Why?

Stop it

Cut that out

“Why did the Internet
~ the most disruptive technology in history since writing & money ~
force us to rethink every aspect of society?”

That’s a dumb question

Didn’t your 4th grade teacher
ever tell you “no dumb questions”?
right JAMES?

You should be ashamed of yourself

*slow inhale*

*slow exhale*

Deep breaths

…just like the doctor said



I totally hear you:
“how disruptive is The Internet?”
…it’s a fascinating question
but this isn’t the place for my Ph.D. dissertation

Let’s not rationalize what happened,
but figure out where to go from here

Take it in stride [while you still can]

Entire industries largely inverted
from information scarcity
to information abundance

Mysteries™ became Puzzles™

We need information workers
We need to make sense of this overwhelming data (with our new heaps of data, there’s new sense to be made)

There’s new cents to be made

Sure, software developers are all the rage right now because they wrestle with information, but that doesn’t completely capture how they changed the game. Their superpower isn’t just complete command over information, but complete command over information systems.

We’re rewiring & communicating with new, more productive creatures

Why are systems so important?

They run the same every single time
They’re “deterministic”
not probabilistic

Solving a math problem for given values is cool & all, but can you craft the algorithmic solution for every input? As soon as someone solves that problem systematically, no one needs to bother ever again. They’ve freed up everyone to focus for bigger problems.

People who improve systems
don’t add value: they multiply it

If you reduce a website’s load time even by one second, you don’t just save yourself one second: you save everyone who ever loads that website one second. If 36,000 people visit your website everyday, that one second equals 10 hours of others’ time …& that’s not once, but 10 hours saved every. single. day. into the future

No wonder the world is speeding up

There’s still labor to be done,
but labor is no longer the bottleneck

Bottlenecks get all the focus
because water can only flow as fast
as it does through the bottle’s neck

Your team can only run as fast
as the slowest member

Where’s my ticket, exactly?

It’s not easy,
but it’s never been so accessible

For once in history,
you have this tiny window
& no one can get in your way

Yes, this is really happening

You just need one chance
You just need one job offer
to join The Information Age

But not for long…

There’s a reason this ticket is golden
Not everyone can get one in time
No one knows when this train
will leave the station

You ready?

Is this very relevant to you?

Did I offer a clear next action?

Should I write more on this?

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comments & questions!

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