"How do I get a job?"

We help new developers 💃🕺 STAND OUT
in an increasingly noisy marketplace

" I'm stuck in this black hole of sending hundreds of applications. "

" I just wish there was a standard list of technologies to tell me I'm good enough to apply for jobs.
Maybe software isn't for me. "

" I know I SHOULD be networking
...but I'm not:
I'm inherently shy
and don't reach out to people
who I don't know well. "

We believe that 95% of classic job advice is
...did we mention, broken?

" Yesterday had a 3.5 hour conversation
with Steven that is hands down

the best convo I've had in a month "

" Had the BEST 5 hour chat with my guy
Highly recommend you follow him "

" I've said it a million times but
I would buy stock in Steven
if I could "

You already tried the obvious routes
& look where that got you!

Learn how to hunt for opportunities
...and even have fun doing it,
discovering your future

Unemployment doesn't have to be an existential crisis

Find a job
with your name on it

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