Whose Ladder Are You Climbing?

Steven Kneiser
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This is the only ladder worth climbing:

Personal Finance Ladder

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Oh, you’ve never seen this before?

If you live in the U.S.,
it is my honor to be the very first
to introduce you to r/personalfinance

Outside the U.S.?
Their wiki includes a few other countries

✨🌈 Just imagine
an entire community of professionals

  1. who aren’t there to make money off of you
  2. who’ve already answered most money questions
  3. who’ve distilled that advice into easily digestible documents

(You can still ask ultra-specific questions anyways)

“I’m gonna start this business”

Long-term, I want [most people] to own their own business, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves: you need a 🅱️igger 🅱️uffer of cash (& not someone else’s cash a.k.a. debt). The simplest route involves building an in-demand skillset.

Do you know a more sustainable path
than a great, predictable salary?

Times are changing for independents,
but starting a company is still too risky

If you need to ask, you’re not ready

Your ability to take risk
isn’t about your stomach for stress,
but your ability to try again
& roll with the punches

“Oh but I like taking risks
…I have nothing to lose!”

Dead. Wrong.

From personal experience,
that’s risking years of your future
because you don’t have enough 🅱️uffer,
🅱️uffer to 🅱️ounce 🅱️ack to 🅱️usiness

You can’t afford to take risks

How are you supposed to be creative
& make a creative, productive mess
if you’re IN a mess?

Think “business in the front, party in the back” except the other way around:

🅱️uffer in the 🅱️ack
Freedom in the Front

You need to have
space & clarity at night
to feel fully free during the day

Before we talk products & services,
let’s get you financially secure
so you can sleep at night

It’s not a matter of
IF you learn this information,
but HOW LONG before you do

Manage your finances
before they manage you

Take another look at this flowchart
(credit to r/personalfinance)
& browse their wiki for more info

🅱️uild your 🅱️uffer
Start climbing your own ladder
Grow your emergency fund with purpose

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