Nobody Cares (The Trilogy)

Steven Kneiser
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  1. Nobody Cares About Certifications
  2. Nobody Cares About Complexity
  3. Nobody Cares About Cost

    So what do they care about?

Welcome to the series finale!

You already read the other 3, right?
Let’s dive in

NOTE: forgive the rough first draft / brain-dump …like every other draft, this is a work-in-progress & I clean/chisel/refine another draft daily

So what do they care about?

This is the fun part. There’s no single answer. Everyone likes to give you an easy answer as an easy out, because it’d be easy for me to just ask for $50 in exchange for an scientific, rigorous half-answer, but I want to help you discover the full answer:

It’s more art than science:
discovering what they care about

Getting to know people & the worlds inside their head is simply the open-ended spice of life that is both precisely what makes everything so complicated yet simple & timeless …precisely where you have just as much opportunity as anyone else to enter the market.

Interviews may give the formal apperance of strict meritocracy, but there’s no science to resumes. Their budget for hiring talent is just like an advertising budget:

“50% of this marketing campaign budget goes straight down the drain. That’s expected. We’ll just never be able to anticipate which 50%.”

To any company not extremely in-demand, the talent market is extremely innefficient & opaque, like a blurry shower curtain. In many ways, the uninformative answer that is technically correct is that people DO want time, money, & energy.

This is the part where I go on a diatribe about the only thing we know they DO have, which is problems. So many problems. So much pain in the world.

*sniff* *sniff*
Do you smell that?

“The Big Short” is a hilarious & accessible breakdown of the 2008 global financial crisis by the way (you can see all the best movie clips on YouTube)

“o p p o r t u n i t y”

“NO! mo-ney”

Problems. Opportunity. Same thing.

In our Technology™ Industry,
we’re proud of solving problems
…except there’s just 1 problem

Solutions almost never eliminate problems: they mostly reshape them.

Does an umbrella stop the rain?
or just slide it to the side?
(the sides still drip on you!)

Quickest way to clean your room?
shove everything in the closet

Let me clear: I’m suggesting that one of your key opportunities to stand out is in getting uniquely deep under the hood of their work & relationship with that work

This is precisely where some of your opportunity lies: in your ability to relate to that pain, to deeply understand & empathize with it (not in a performative emotional way either), & then the secret juicy part is when you put in all that extra effort to repeat it back to them: to prove to them that you DO in fact get them. It’s a very primitive thing: that we all want to feel heard & seen …which is why even when we’re aware of what people are doing, we’re so flattered that we can’t help ourselves.

Someone vibing with your struggle is very validating. It makes you feel less alone. It gives you hope. It might stroke your ego. It makes you feel at ease & loved & respected & admired. Most people go through phases of life where they don’t even feel 100% heard or seen by their spouse: this is a precious, ever-evolving need that is deeply human.

I’m not going to pretend like this is simple. In fact this is so blatantly done poorly by most people around you that enough well-focused effort easily puts you in an entirely different league.

But here’s a common mistake people who even make money to understand this stuff miss (that’s right: marketers, salespeople, & UX researchers): empathy is divergent! People will talk your ear off about “empathy is everything” …except that you don’t really “get good at empathy” because your ability to do this with one person doesn’t necesarilly have much bearing on your ability to do it with the next.

If you could “get good at empathy”, then businesses would never struggle getting another customer or building better products. [Good] businesses are absolute “how can we be more empathic?” machines & most still suck at it. Salespeople wouldn’t need to pick up the phone & face as much rejection as they do.

Everyone has problems
…but different problems

There’s no guarantees. This isn’t your golden ticket knowledge that you graduate & move on from. I’m not saying that even 50% of people will find your effort charming/endearing/genuine, but that these are timeless principles that will help you get what you want, by putting in the difficult leg work to set up win-win relationships. Yes, it’s selfish but what isn’t? In some ways, being selfish is the most self-less thing there is: after all it IS in your long-term best interests to treat people around you with just as much integrity, dignity, & respect that you would prefer yourself.

What precisely should I do next?

I hate to do this
I really do

No 2 answers look alike

This drives to the heart & soul
of why I started Creators Who Code:
to discover & piece together that short answer
for anyone trying to get their foot in the door

I see so many people who are stuck:

Everything I do here is to help people like you rediscover that uncertainty, that chaotic frontier where the best windows of opportunities bubble up

For that reason,
Today, my answer has become:

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