Nobody Cares About Certifications

Steven Kneiser
1-minute read

What do a certification, bootcamp, & Computer Science degree have in common? They can’t guarantee you a job. Sometimes they’re counter-productive.

Your Golden Ticket™
is this window in time,
not that piece of paper

Fine, heavily-regulated industries like healthcare have standards of compliance (e.g. HIPAA). The worst part is that whenever a credential shines bright enough, it gets exploited & gamified fast. Who said coders aren’t a crafty crowd?

For example, there’s a limited opportunity to stand out for DevOps roles with the right AWS certification, but that’s only while it remains a highly in-demand yet under-served technology. That opportunity erodes each month.

Here’s another reminder: Software Engineering isn’t a formal profession. Worst of all, most certifications act as a negative signal. To a technical recruiter, leaning too heavily on your certifications can feel like over-compensation. They want problem-solvers who are comfortable dealing with unknowns. Tests & examinations are quite the opposite.

There are certainly a few exceptions:

We don’t focus specifically on IT
because here we’re “Creators Who Code”,
not “Maintainers Who Code”

Sorry …bad joke

Where do we go from here?

You have a portfolio right??

Don’t worry, there’s no magic list of projects you need. We’re going for multiple examples of previous work that demonstrate your initiative & perserverance

Take those savings in time & money,
and put them towards prototyping

You need a Portfolio of Passion™

Forget your Resume

We’re not going for design awards
We’re going for hilarious stories

Failure is the essential ingredient here!

The best portfolio is anti-perfection
The best portfolio is charismatic
The best portfolio is a book,
that one you just

More on that next week…

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