Stop Sending 100+ Applications

Steven Kneiser
2-minute read

“I must have sent over 500 applications by now. Whenever I tap submit, it feels like I’m just sending my resume out into the void.

Some real horror stories out there
How many have you sent?

Maybe you’ve just felt stuck
Maybe you’ve been searching over a year now, searching for something …anything

Start By Stopping™
Stop sending your resume
to everyone & anyone with a pulse

That’s like only sharing your deepest, darkest secrets with that one friend who only likes to talk about themselves. There are other people (dare I say, even companies) out there reading the same books and speaking the same language as you. Stop sending your time & energy into voids, and your resume just might land somewhere (hopefully Earth).

Sorry, but if you’re sending 100+ applications, you’re doing it wrong. Many people are so stuck in their ways that they end up spinning their wheels on the wrong problems. They start thinking “okay, I’ll try doing a serious cover letter” or “jeez, I should consider hiring a resume writer.” They very well might need one, but they don’t notice how they’re doubling-down on the same below-average strategy.

There’s got to be a better way

You’re willing to go the distance
You just need some proper guidance

“If only there was a roadmap I could just follow…“

What do you do when you’re uncertain about what works? How about NOT going all-in on one strategy?

How do we better distribute our time?

Time is your most precious asset
Stop spending time
Start investing it

Let’s run a quick audit
How are you spending your time?

Note what percentage of your time you spend on each:

Don’t worry,
no need to do all this
but did that spark any ideas?

Note which are 1-time vs compounding

If >80% of your time is just applying,
then you’re spending, not investing

Let’s find a better use of your time,
something with more
…Compound Interest™

Your shareholders just called:
they want a better return-on-time

Don’t let job boards decide your future

6 months will come to pass
whether you like it or not

What the heck are you gonna do
if you’re still unemployed?

Either wind up back at Square 1
applying to another 100+

…or get 90% closer

Stop sending 100+ applications
Start building momentum

Start inviting 100+ conversations
Start making 100+ new friends
Start asking 100+ questions

Is this very relevant to you?

Did I offer a clear next action?

Should I write more on this?

I love hearing your
comments & questions!

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