Productive Consumption

Steven Kneiser
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“I’m burnt out
I don’t have a Dream Job™

Corporations are the last thing I want to think about. What if I’m just broken & there isn’t a place for me in today’s economy?”

I hear you

The last century of civilization has been so profound that many began to believe that truly anything was possible. Take a moment to appreciate how it takes a certain level of deep cultural optimism for you to get struck with such grief.

“that only makes me feel worse”

Hahaha touché
…sorry about that

It’s one thing to think “well duh, that’s how the world works”, but it’s another to grieve the loss of something what felt within your grasp. When you see, hear, & read countless stories of people overcoming the odds, it’s perfectly natural to look back at yourself through the lens of “why can’t I do ONE THING right?”

It’s the contrast that makes pain so unbareable:

“If you are morbidly depressed in a country where everyone else is really unhappy, you don’t feel that unhappy, right? … but if you’re morbidly depressed in a country where everyone is jumping up & down for joy, you are …REALLY depressed. That is a VERY-VERY-VERY-profoundly-serious place to be.”
–Malcolm Gladwell
(I embedded this lecture in “Waking Up With Dread”)

You also see this all the time in the highest-profile athletes: imagine rising to the top of the world in your sport only to get 2nd place multiple years in a row

Whether you’re at the top or the bottom,
sometimes the narratives just run out
& you’re stranded

What if there was a faster way
to skip ahead to your next chapter?

Anything beats scrolling more job boards

Minimum Viable Transformation

What the heck do you do
when you’re burnt out?

The last thing you want to hear is some tone-deaf advice about “turning your life around”

“Heck IF I CAN DO IT, so can you!”

“Thanks? How is that supposed t–
I only came here to order a burrito”

You’re probably not in the mood for an avalanche of change right now, so we need a better alternative:

Something much more subtle
Something “Minimum Viable”
Something …passive
…& enjoyable

We’ll start with one of your worst habits

We’re here to eliminate it, but to exploit it
like a parasite that only feeds on other parasites

⚠️ Full story: coming soon…

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